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Did you know that “clean,” “sanitize,” and“ disinfect” are distinctly different processes?

Cleaning a surface physically removes dirt and germs, but doesn’t chemically kill any of those germs, that's where sanitizing and disinfecting comes into play. Using products that specify that they kill certain viruses, is your best choice when sanitizing and disinfecting your vehicle. 

You may be in the habit of wiping surfaces down until they dry, but that can be a quick 1 minute session. The key is to keep the surface wet for at least 5-10 minutes to ensure the disinfectant is working. 

Here are the most commonly used surfaces that require a wipe down:

-Key Fob

-Exterior & Interior Door Handles


-Interior Window and Power Door lock buttons

-Steering Wheel

-Turn Signal Lever


-Handheld Emergency brake

-Radio & Heater/ AC controls


Please click this video link for more tips: How to disinfect your car without destroying its interior